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Here we go! If it was inappropriate to start a new thread to post this please move it to the thread under the original BT post. thanks.



JJ Grey & Mofro
July 3, 2011
Greenfield Lake Amp

Source: fob/dfc 6th row CCM4>
resample/dither to 16/44.1)>
cdwave>flac lvl 6
taped and transferred: Frank Sulloway

disc 1
01) Intro
02) Hide and Seek
03) Six Ways From Sunday
04) Whitehouse
05) Turpentine
06) Lazy Fo' Acre
07) Country Ghetto
08) I've Been Loving You
09) GA Warhorse
10) Higher You Climb
11) Tupelo Honey
12) Everything Good is Bad

disc 2
01) Intro
02) Slow Hot and Sweaty
03) Ho Cake
04) Orange Blossoms
05) The Sweetest Thing
06) Appalachia*
07) How Jr Got his head Put Out

* w/Almira Fawn


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Thank you Frank! Not inappropriate at all. I think it's better this way cause sometimes it can get lost in a long thread. And thanks so much for taping. We all appreciate your dedication and your time so that you can share this with all the fans.


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Delerious Tyme

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Originally Posted by uhollis

And Lazy Fo Acre!   Awe Snap!

He tells a story, of all the glory
He leads a way, he leads me on
To my Home In The Sky....  To my Home In The Sky
There's no reason why, 'cause Heaven knows

I'm that moment when you finally let go...

"Two kinds of people in this world:  Those that love Greyhounds and those that lie."
-Sir Art Edmaiston of Troy, TN

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