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Awesome review Ashley!  Bacchus, the guy that won that fishing trip, I remember, too cool!  Ummmm, no bow at Skipper's.  I agree about GW, I love hearing that song live!

The more we see Our Boys, the more that need to feed off that energy grows ....... tis an addiction. But one I am glad I have.

"In a heartbeat, all worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, all worlds collide
  ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
In a heartbeat, worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, worlds collide"
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Originally Posted by AntsyAshley
Hey bacchus! It was great to meet you! Thanks for coming up and saying hello! This is the same bacchus who won the Fishing with JJ trip! What an honor!

So, the BR show was outstanding! It was almost as great as the Skipper's Sunday show! I had a setlist, but now cannot find it and I didn't even look at it yet! Boo! I also didn't see any tapers, and I wish I had taped! I had to leave straight away after class to get to the show, but turned out I had plenty of time. There was no opening band, and Aaron (merch guy) attributes that to the low energy from the crowd during the first few songs. By the middle/end, the place was a bouncing jam house! The crowd was mostly pretty young, as the LSU campus is right there. They were mostly very nice and cool. I was able to pick up a GW vinyl, I just wish I had a record player! I will try to recollect the setlist, but I know I will miss some and get it out of order. I'm loving all the new stuff. I don't mind hearing GW at every show! I encourage it! Oh, and JJ jumped on the keys during Ho Cake too, just like someone posted on another show's thread. And at the end of the show, they all bowed together -- that was a first for me. They didn't do that at Skipper's, did they?

All (fucking love this song. Great opener. Too bad the crowd was not into it yet).
Ybor City
Country Ghetto
A Woman
Dirt Floor Cracka
Hide and Seek
Georgia Warhorse
The Sweetest Thing
Beautiful World
Slow Hot and Sweaty
Hottest Spot in Hell
Orange Blossoms
Everything Good Is Bad
Ho Cake
On Fire

JJ talked a lot about the swamps of FL and the swamps of Louisiana and the good food and made lots of comparisons. It was a fantastic show! It leaves me wanting more! I wanna hop in the car with Kerry or Bryan and follow the band through Texas and then some! My date was a Mofro virgin, and he had a most excellent time. You can't be my date and not know Mofro! Betta get educated, my dear!

How much was the gw vinyl?


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JTX, I think the GW vinyl was $25. Aaron sold out of his 5-6 copies of Choice Cuts vinyl that he had brought. Glad to see that. It seems like merch is really flying off the shelves. There was a signed Country Ghetto poster for $20. I almost got that.

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Soooo...ash have u come down off the show high yet? sounds like an awesome time! I agree I could hear GW at every show btw. great u got to meet bacchus. anybody else? A beauty like u and nobody came up and said 'YOU must be Ashley!' Musta been cause u were with a date. Hmmmmm...a virgin huh??

Yes it were me...saw JJ get on the keys during encore On Fire at Culture Room last week. Seems like he does it spontaneously when they get to jamming and he just jumps back there and starts playing.

Nope they didn't bow at either show at Skippers (uhhh....I seem to recall u were there) but did at Culture. That also seems real spontaneous. I've seen several shows since they started doing that last Oct and it seems like it's about 50/50.
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