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Just got back from Portland, wow, whatta blast! Too bad I can't remember all of it. That's how I know it was fun. Plus, I asked my buddy today, and he said it was the best concert he had ever been to. And he's been to a few, but it was his first Mofro concert. Now it's story time...

We drove close to 500 miles yesterday to get there. I brought all my Mofro CD's, plus some Rare Earth and Savoy Brown. That made the drive bearable, plus psyched us up for the show. Arrived in Portland about 3 hours before the show. Checked in to a nice hotel, 2 blocks from the venue. Had a couple of beers, freshened up and headed down to the will call to pick up my VIP tickets. It's 6:15 and according to the venue website the show starts at 7:00. Lady at the will call gives me the tickets and informs us that the venue doesn't even open the doors until 7:30. She tells us the opener goes on at approx 8, JJ at 10. Now we've got time to kill. We ask where the closest watering holes are and she filled us in. We chose one directly around the corner in back of the venue complex.

We walk around the corner and the tour bus is there. Aha, Florida plates, can only mean thing. It's their bus. So we stop and chat the with merch guy, tending to the equipment trailer. Nice dude, didn't catch his name. He said he has only been with them since Sept. I asked him if the guys would be signing anything after, he said there was good chance they would. He knew we were hardcore when I told him how long we had travelled. So we go to the bar, real nice sports bar. I started looking around and spotted who I thought might have been AC. My buddy, being more forward than me, goes right over to see if it is AC, and lo and behold it is. We chat with him, buy him beer, chat some more. He signed my GW CD. The man is a blast to talk to. I mention that Clay sent me on a mission to find out the opening lines of DirtFloorCracker, he had great laugh about that. He tells me he's been touring with JJ about 3 years and doesn't know the words either. He says if I find out the words, to come and tell him, because he wanted to know too. What I do know is that these guys really appreciate you Mr. D, for all you do with this site. Now without further ado, the show.

The venue was cozy, holds a few hundred, great layout. VIP area was off to the left side, pretty close to the stage, with seating and it's own bar. Good sight lines but it's not right up front. I'm gettin too old for right up front, I smoke and the trips to the bar and washroom etc... get a bit frustrating going back and forth through the crowd. Even though we had seats, we didn't sit much. Mofro kinda does that to us all. The opening act came on, Ryan Montbleau. For those, who haven't seen these guys, they are a pretty cool band. Great choice for an opener, they're from the Boston area. Caught up with Farrell outside, while I was having a smoke. He remembered playing my hometown last year, another great guy. They played a nice little set, AC really likes them, I actually chatted with him while watching them.

Now the boys come on, I whip out a paper and pen, to write the setlist. I was so excited about the show, I forgot my reading glasses back at the hotel. It's dark and I can't see, but I'll write anyway. So I write them down and scream Blackwater between songs, cause I love that song live. My buddy screams Dew Drops all night, hoping they'll play that. Fifth song in, they play Blackwater. I fuckin near faint in disbelief. I really didn't expect them to play it, I was only hoping. Twelve songs in, they start DirtFloorCracker. Get this, during the opening lines, AC stands up and starts looking around the room. I stand up, AC sees me, points his drumsticks at me and they break into it.  I'm now losing my mind and having a ball doing it. Anyways, great show, went back to the bus after.  Talked to AC again, Dennis and Art. Didn't remember talking to Art, but my buddy insists that I did. My buddy got a CD signed by a few of them and we left.

Now the setlist. I pulled out my list this morning and both my buddy and I busted a gut laughing at it. It was hardly legible at the end of it. I should have got them to sign it, it's a keeper. hopefully I can post a photo of it.

Georgia Warhorse
A Woman
Beautiful World
Hottest Spot In Hell
Hide N Seek
Dirt Floor Cracker
Orange Blossoms
Everything Good Is Bad
Slow, Hot and Sweaty
Ho Cakes

The Sweetest Thing
On Fire


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