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Delerious Tyme

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Here's an article with a review of the first night show at the Windjammer.  Has pictures as well.

He tells a story, of all the glory
He leads a way, he leads me on
To my Home In The Sky....  To my Home In The Sky
There's no reason why, 'cause Heaven knows

I'm that moment when you finally let go...

"Two kinds of people in this world:  Those that love Greyhounds and those that lie."
-Sir Art Edmaiston of Troy, TN

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......"music is in danger of being over shadowed by the showmanship"???  "consisder toning down sermonizing a bit"???
these are the things that make the shows so memorible and so real.....

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this fella that wrote this needs to have his ears cleaned out. not sure how much he has heard JJ but how JJ puts on a show with telling stories -thats one of the reason his shows are so unforgettable. hope he never stops "sermonizing" as the writer puts it. too many people won't speak their minds and tells it the way it is-JJ tells it like it is and on Saturday night he continued with it. He could come out there and just talk and it would suit me.
His stories are amazing.

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For the most part it was a good review.  The intro paragraph:

As most Mofro fans know, JJ Grey loves to preach. Never one for shyness or failing to speak his mind, he struts around the stage telling stories and ingratiating himself with the crowd, especially the female contingent.


What is so funny bout that is I see more men more entranced with JJ than women after the shows, lol!!


and this comment:


Grey deferred to the audience for many of his well-known choruses, a move that always wins fans, especially drunk ones, but eventually becomes somewhat heavy-handed.


I was not there so my comment may be off, so excuse me if it is, but of the shows I have attended, drunk or not, the folks love singing along with JJ ...... and heavy handed?!?!  I would surmise that this writer likes JJ Grey & Mofro, but is not one of us.  Therefore his comment:


He's charming, to be sure — and the man can spin a yarn — but he's nearing the point where the music is in danger of being overshadowed by the showmanship


For us "it feels so good deep down inside, you know what I'm talkin bout" folks, we know that JJ's story telling would never ever overshadow the music, heck, his story telling is what his music, lyrics, showmanship ... it is what makes JJ ~ well JJ. 


Setlists people ...... setlists!  please??? 



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 In a heartbeat, all worlds collide
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In a heartbeat, worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, worlds collide"

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Thank goodnes I have to go to work right now,cause I'm tellin' y'all, Lawdy, Lawdy.Lawdy....I've got some wordy preachin' to serve up to this rookie writer wannabe.  Can't wait to get back, home and dissect up his article and serve it back up to him with a little falvored attitude adjustment..


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Some peaople just don't get it, for them

"The failures are just as important as the successes"
Dispatch Ninja

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I love listening to jj talk about the stories behind his songs. It can put a whole new perspective on it when you hear the song again. Sometimes I skim through shows on the lma site just to find jj talk about stories and his songs. Guess y'all are right some people just don't get it.

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the guy is an idiot and a "mofro-newb-amateur", but he can have his opinion, sucks he gets paid to write his down, we fans all know whats up!
funny he says jj is preaching, if anything its drunken stumbling around with words sometimes,lol,or exlaining the meaning of the song, I never looked at it as "preaching"

sunny,you right about men bein equally as smitten, only difference they don't find him afterwards to grab him tight for photos, which jj was generous for sticking around after the shows and taking pictures with ladies

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listen to my heart, beating strong
I just wanna feel , like I do
when I'm with you,
it's a beautiful world .."

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Musically, overall the review is positive, and reflects a lot of recent changes/additions (all of which I am really digging!).

As far as JJ's "preaching" - I agree most of us don't see it as preaching at all.  JJ's songs are about his life, what he knows, what he's experienced, and so are his stories.  It's a package deal, and maybe that's the point the reviewer missed. 

And if they keep playin' like they played the last few nights, there ain't no chance of the music being overshadowed by a damn thing! 

Ain't no party like a JamCruise party 'cuz a JamCruise party don't stop!
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