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Delerious Tyme

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What I learned from Rombello



Liz (whereuat) is my sister from another mister or I’m her brother from another mother.  I guess you could say I’m her Mofro-Bro.  Bro!


Misty is the most laid back Mofrofan out there and has been to over 100 shows!


Erica (Bad Habit) has one awesome dress and is a true MofroFanatic for all the driving and lack of sleep she endures to see the guys live.


Arlene (giggles) might love Citizen Cope more than Mofro.  She should start a Cope Fansite.


Sue Webb loves flashing the peace sign and I don’t think I know who she really is as a person, because I never talked to her when she was sober on the boat.  I don’t think she ever was sober the entire trip.  Either way, she is cool in my book and a blast to have around for a Mofro show. 


Collins is a human bottle opener and if lost, you can find him in the front row of any show.  That and if he’s wearing his Cabin Boy T-Shirt, he will be returned to a Mofrofansite member. 


Jen (Trophy Wife) knows how to rock a wig and is the true MofroFan1.  Clay would lose his head without her and she was no doubt the leader of the group on Rombello.  I don’t think Clay even knows his own name, much less that he was on a boat just recently.   Clay, if you are reading this, it’s time to take your meds before you watch the Golden Girls.  Dinner is at 4:30 pm. 


Dave (SoFlaDave) is an amazing photographer and full of information if you get him to talk in between him taking pics and being a Ninja.  He also wants to hear some Footsteps/Turpentine live really bad.


Ute (FireFly) is as crazy as we all know her to be, but in a really good way.  She loves her Patron and if you don’t fall over laughing after talking to her for no less than a minute, you are clinically dead.  She is one of a kind and I’m damn proud that she is one of us, a Mofrofan!


Clay (MofroFan1) does smell like onions and is old enough to be Jesus Christ’s brother.


Jeff can eat his body weight in ice cream and somehow make a comment about it that will make you laugh.


Vikki (gracyjj) is always smiling, always.  The only thing is, you can’t always see her smiling all the time because she is like a magician and disappears randomly throughout the show.  She must have trained with Dave to have such Ninja type skills. 


Chris the sound guy is an enemy/rival of mine as I recently learned from him that he attended Arizona State University. (I went to the University of Arizona)  Little known fact, Chris was studying Golf Course Management and is apparently a scratch golfer?  Would have never guessed that in a million years.  Good thing he dropped out to become the sound guy for our beloved Mofro.


Aaron the tour manager looks a lot, I mean a lot older with a moustache.  He can also rock a pink flamingo hat and make it look cool.  He is another, in a long line of, great tour managers for Mofro and we are lucky to have him.  From Danny O. to Adam Ayers to Colin Peterson and now Aaron Piros Coteff, we have had some stand up, flat out cool guys for tour managers. 

He tells a story, of all the glory
He leads a way, he leads me on
To my Home In The Sky....  To my Home In The Sky
There's no reason why, 'cause Heaven knows

I'm that moment when you finally let go...

"Two kinds of people in this world:  Those that love Greyhounds and those that lie."
-Sir Art Edmaiston of Troy, TN

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Originally Posted by Delerious Tyme


Arlene (giggles) might love Citizen Cope more than Mofro.  She should start a Cope Fansite.



Oh I sure do love me some Cope, he's so broody & beautiful! But my heart is big enough for both Clarence Greenwood & JJ Grey.

MOFRO definitely is my number 1 fixation; I was just trying to lull JJ & the boys into a false sense of security with my demure & benign behavior towards the band in the hopes of having the "Taze giggles" standing order I had to channel all of my overflowing fandom on someone and who better than Cope.......nommer nommers!


Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History


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Originally Posted by Delerious Tyme


  Dinner is at 4:30 pm. 





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In a heartbeat, worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, worlds collide"
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