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My birthday ~ My Day, My Way!


I decided to take the day of, and after my birthday off.  Had a quiet weekend, just some laundry and general cleaning, not much of a garden to tend to any more these days,    just some collards and lettuce and brussell sprouts remaining.  Oh and a tad of fennel.    ........... not much yard work, except for the millions of leafs that cover the land.  Gregg did the vacuuming of the yard this go round.  Still plenty for me to vacuum up.

I decided to sleep in on my day .......... was kinda hard with the time change, but at least I didn't get up at 5:50 am.  I came downstairs about 7:10 and Gregg already had the boys lunches made for me.  I usually leave the house at 6:45, so it was nice to be apart of My Boys' morning routine.  Gregg and Sawyer always end up in the loft every morning at 7:30 or so to snuggle and watch a bit of TV for a few before they leave.

My Boys made me the sweetest cards, made my eyes water, they did!

 Gregg made a pot of  Panacea Coffee, Javanese varietal, I think.  I joined them upstairs just in time for the opening song of "Phineas & Ferb" and it made me smile to hear Gregg and Sawyer sing the opening theme song together!  It was a snuggly foggy morning; to add to the comfort level I was enjoying.

 After Gregg left to take the boys to school, I pondered about how to spend My Day.........

I had a list of chores and fun stuff and then decided that since I have tomorrow off as well, I shall dew only FUN things today!  So I put six Mofro compilation CDs in the player, on random, and now I am making a double batch of Chocolate Covered Bacon with a sprinkle of Sea Salt!!  If you have never had this amazing ~ sweet & salty ~ creamy & crunchy delicacy before, you HAVE to treat yourself!! It is beyond simple to make and so worth what little effort it takes.  I just like to bite off teenie tiny pieces, close my eyes, slowly cheeew, and let my taste buds dive in to the many flavor sensations and textures this little piece of heaven has to offer ..............

    It is 10:30 am and the fog has lifted and the sun is shining down, yes I did say it, The Sun Is Shining Down.   I think after the rays of the sun warms the air, I may either take a little stroll or read my book on My Front Porch rocking in the sun.

 I decided to just walk around the backyard and the air did indeed warm up. It was a cloudless azure sky above.  Warmest day in about a week, I would say near 70, give or take!  I ended up sitting out at the picnic table and just closed my eyes and let just the sounds around me absorb into my thoughts ...........

 I can still hear the sounds of a few die-hard crickets ~ I can hear over 3 different birds songs  ~ and the hint of the sound of trees swaying as there is a slight breeze blowing over head.  What a way to meditate and just let go ...............

 made a trip to the garden and decided to finally harvest some of our brussell sprouts for tonight.  They were planted in the Spring and I found it about time to enjoy those little balls of flavor!

  And if you have never had fresh brussel sprouts (totally unlike the frozen) you would be in for a treat!  I boil them and then bake them in a bit of white wine, lemon juice, and kalamata olive oil and fresh grated parmesan cheese!  I am going to prepare a coconut basmati rice served with grilled pineapple and fried plantains, Odd combo with brussell sprouts I know, but hey .......  it worked!!  Never made coconut basmati rice and it was delicious!  Will make a great Breakfast Rice in the morning.

 Tuesday I was gonna sleep in, but I had such a fine start to yesterday by getting up early with my boys, I decided to try it again.  And it worked!! And I got to see an episode of "Phineas & Ferb" I have not seen, "The Wizard Of Odd", had me laughing out loud, and what better way to start out ones day and with good laughter and good company!

 As Gregg was driving the kids to school, it was still quite foggy and as I was walking down the stairs for a second cup of joe, I noticed that the sun was trying so desperately to shine thru the clouds hovering in my backyard, that I found it to be a beautiful site.  1st thought that enters my crazy noggin "where's my camera?!".  Luckily it was there on the counter and I went out on the Front Porch.  (Yes, our  Front Porch faces our backyard, don't ask....)

  I decided to try to get my cleaning chores done by 10 am so I could venture outdoors, but as luck would have it (ha aha), I ended up using one of my birthday presents and I LOVE it!  Some may find it an odd gift, but not me.  Gregg gave me the bestest vacuum cleaner out there, next to the Dyson, and I am here to tell you that is sucks! Pun intended. I have wanted a new one for years.  Didn't think a vacuum cleaner could make me so happy, but it does.  I am clearly amazed at what it picks up, and I just vacuumed 2 days ago.  I could do an infomercial, lets just put it that way.  So because of my new vacuum, I ended up vacuuming the whole house and more!  I was so pleased with it, that before I went upstairs to play with my new toy, I had to go downstairs and give Gregg a hug!!

I also was given the perfect selection of some fine reds as well as whites, Thanks Punkin!

Now I am on my way, gonna take the long scenic route, to pick up my Zach and then my Sawyer and I think I shall rock on my Front Porch, and read my book in the corner with the Sun (after I marinade the cheekon of course!)

 Gonna be a short week!!

 ~~  Peace Out ~~

"In a heartbeat, all worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, all worlds collide
  ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
In a heartbeat, worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, worlds collide"

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To hell with vacuuming....get a Roomba and forget about it!!!

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