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Weekend Update November 12 - 13, 2011


Happy Day to Everyone!!


Gregg was browsing the Virtual Weber Bullet website and came across a recipe from Ray Lampe (well known in the BBQ circuit as Dr. BBQ and has written a few books) that he just had to try!  It is called "Peppered Stout Beef".  Had to go to a couple stores to find the right ingredients, including a good gorgonzola and the exact buns, crusty on the outside and soft on the inside.  Mission accomplished!


Gregg and Zach left about 8:30 am Saturday morning to help clean/rake at the Scout Hut and Sawyer was still next door at a sleepover and I actually had the house to myself for almost 4 hours!!  That really never ever happens .......... I just love the atmosphere of just me and my music!

 So I put on some JJ Grey & Mofro, cranked it and proceeded to clean and dance.


I applied a heavy crust of fresh ground peppercorns & sea salt to the roast and let it set out to get to room temp, important step here. You don't wanna put a cold piece of meat the smoker otherwise it takes more energy to heat up the meat and will bring the temp of the smoker down.


10:15 am I went down to the smoker to get the coals going so I could put the Black Angus Chuck Roast on at 10:45


Got her on at 10:45, right on time. 

Ahhhhh, the sweet sweet aroma of Cherry Wood smoking is now starting to fill my holler ........


The Roast smoked at about 235 til it reached an internal temp of 161, then I brought it inside.


Meanwhile, Gregg was in the kitchen getting things ready for the next cooking stage.  He chopped a plethora of our peppers along with some red onions.  The recipe called for 4 cloves of garlic, Hahhahhaahaa ........ yeah right.


Gregg chopped a whole head of our Early Red Italian garlic to add the bed on which this roast will rest.  Then he added Worcestershire and Guinness Stout


covered and put back on the smoker so the roast could continued to,

well, roast at 330 or so for another couple of hours.


As the roasted continued its journey, Gregg and I decided it was time to turn our Sanford & Son back bottom deck to a more usable space.  Now that chore felt great to get done!!


Sawyer and Rylan helped carry quite a few loads of firewood up to our top deck, they worked great as a team!



As we cleaned, we came across the box Gregg's big ole 22.5" WSM came in and instead of breaking it down for recycling, I gave it to Sawyer and Rylan to play with.  They spent the day in that box!  First the spent a couple of hours sliding down a hill in the backyard, then they carried it to the swing set and somehow they were able to jam it into the top section and made a fort that they spent the next couple of hours in!  They even wanted to sleep in there, lol!

  Gregg and I wondered around the garden, I kinda missing having to "work" in the garden.  Here we have Red Russian Kale ....... got a good patch of it growing, it will make for some great greens (and purples) soon.


 Next step, we put the roast in the oven on 200, uncovered, for about 30 minutes more

so the juices can be absorbed by the tender succulent beef .....

Now it is time for Gregg to toast the buns ....


add some creamy gorgonzola, let it melt just a bit .........

served with an Orange Fennel salad with Craisins!

After 7.5 hours and 3 cooking methods later .......


I have to tell you that this sammich is just about unbelievable!  As I brought this sammich to my mouth, I began to slowly bite through, the texture from the toasting of the bun was such an incredible crunch before my taste buds found the creaminess of the gorgonzola atop that flavor explosion of Peppered Stout Beef! WOW!! again WOW!! ........ Sawyer decided he wanted the Gorgonzola as well and it took him sometime to finish it, and when I made a comment about that, in his own words, "I am trying to savory every bite!".  That's my boy!! 

Zach missed out as he spent the night at a friends house.


I have invited my Mama over today for lunch and I bet this Peppered Stout Beef Sammich is even better the next day!!!  ............................ and it was, dayum, was that a decent morsel to devour!!


Spent the rest of Sunday raking raking and oh yeah I also did some raking!


About 4:30 or so, Gregg started up the Traeger and put on a pork tenderloin that had been marinated in a soy & ginger mixture and decided to smoke it over a pecan~oak combination of smoking pellets.  Now that our outdoor chores are done, Gregg and I grabbed a cold one, he a Somersault and I a chardonnay and we sat on the nice clean bottom deck and shucked crowder peas for about an hour and listened to Sawyer playing in the distance.  It was beyond relaxing, just the two of us sitting there, sometimes in complete silence.  I was imagining what it would be like 20 years from now, probably not much different, two soul~mates shucking on the back deck over looking the land we grew and harvest our produce on.  But we will probably let more of the yard go to nature and not have as much manicured as we do now, lol.  Life is Good!  Now to eat our evening vittles and snuggle in the loft to end a wonderful weekend!!  Happy Sunday/Monday Y'All!!!


Peace ~ Love ~ and yep, M*O*F*R*O



"In a heartbeat, all worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, all worlds collide
  ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
In a heartbeat, worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, worlds collide"
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Your story reminds me of my own brother who actually did sleep in a box one night!  He got very attached to that box. lol

the memory of one the beginning and the end of who I am...
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