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Unreleased Songs [Updated]

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Mar 05, 2009
8:06 AM
List of Unreleased songs

American Trilogy (Dixie+Battle Hymn Of The Republic+All My Trials,Lord)
Battle Is Over, The
Change Gonna Come (unverified)
Do Right Woman - Do Right Man
Down At The Jookhouse
Down In The valley
Feelin' Good (Gospel)
Gimme That Drop
Good Times
Gotta Know
Hard Times
Harp & Drums
Home Sweet Home
Hoochie Coochie Man
Hottest Spot In Hell, The
I've Been Lovin You Too Long Now
Lean On Me
Long Distance Call
Long Time Man
Mannish Boy
Mistra Know It All
Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, The
On My Mind (You're)
Sad Days Lonely Nights
Seminole Wind
Skeeter Jam
Skinny Woman
Stagger Lee
Sweet Little Woman
Take it Back To The Bridge
They Caught The Devil...AR
Tupelo Honey
Turn It Loose
Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything)
You Gotta Have Roots

Last Edited on 22-May-2009 9:38 PM

Any audio of most of these??? I know a few of them and have heard a few but cant find most of them.  Thanks

"its the little things not expectations that make life worth living."
JJ Grey and Mofro

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Tupelo Honey is on the Choice Cuts LP, Gotta Know and Hottest Spot In Hell are on Georgia Warhorse, so they can come off the list.

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I think somewhere on the old board there are threads that point out where some of these are on the LMA. (Unfortunately the search feature on the old board isn't near as good as the one here.) Some of them aren't avail anywhere, like American Trilogy.

Unless I, or somebody, can find any old threads I think your best bet is to go to the LMA, go to the search window and put in: mofro "stagger lee" (or whatever the song is--put in quotes). If they're on there anywhere they should turn up.

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This might help you howar. I pulled it off the old board. You'll have to dig thru a bit to find the songs, then match them up with the venue and date on the LMA.

Blackwater [2001.07.05 High Sierra.Quincy CA]
Air [2001.07.05 High Sierra.Quincy CA]
Nare Sugar [2001.07.05 High Sierra.Quincy CA]
Santa Claus True Love & Freedom [2001.07.05 High Sierra.Quincy CA]
Lazy Fo Acre [2001.07.05 High Sierra.Quincy CA]
Ho Cake [2001.07.05 High Sierra.Quincy CA]
Gal Youngin [2003.10.13 Rosebud.Pittsburgh PA]
Dew Drops [2003.10.13 Rosebud.Pittsburgh PA]
Whitehouse [2003.10.13 Rosebud.Pittsburgh PA]
Dirtfloorcracka [2003.10.13 Rosebud.Pittsburgh PA]
 Florida [2003.10.13 Rosebud.Pittsburgh PA]
Ten Thousand Islands [2002.11.09 Orange Peel.Asheville NC]
Everybody's [2006.08.12 Bamboo Room.Lake Worth FL]
Wrong Side [2006.08.12 Bamboo Room.Lake Worth FL]
Home Sweet Home [2002.07.28 Jake's Roadhouse.Decatur GA]
Mannish Boy [2007.10.31 Rhythm Room.Phoenix AZ]
On My Mind [2004.10.31 Club Downunder.Tallahassee FL]
They Caught The Devil [2002.02.22 Boom Boom Room.San Francisco CA]
Great Stacka-Lee [2009.01.24 Engine Room.Tallahassee FL]
Skinny Woman [2002.11.27 Smith's Olde Bar.Atlanta GA]
Hard Times [2003.02.06 Tipitina's.New Orleans LA]
Skeeter Jam [2003.03.01 Smith's Olde Bar.Atlanta GA]
Tupelo Honey [2004.04.07 North Georgia College.Dahlonega GA]
Free [2004.04.07 North Georgia College.Dahlonega GA]
Seminole Wind [2007.11.07 WOW Hall.Eugene OR]
Down At The Jookhouse/Good Times [2002.08.29 Proud Larry's.Oxford MS]
Gotta Know [2002.02.22 Boom Boom Room.San Francisco CA]
Six Ways From Sunday [2005.01.27 Stella Blue.Asheville NC]
 Sun Is Shining Down, The [2008-02-01 Exit/In.Nashville TN]
Long Way Home, The [2005-11-30 Bamboo Room.Lake Worth FL]
Sad Days Lonely Nights [2003-03-28 Stella Blue.Asheville NC]
Homework [2002-11-27 Smith's Olde Bar.Atlanta GA]
Long Distance Call [2008-01-03 Newby's.Memphis TN]
 Long Time Man [2005-11-30 Bamboo Room.Lake Worth FL]
Survivor [2006-08-11 Bamboo Room.Lake Worth FL]
Misstra Know It All [2006-04-09 Skipper's Smokehouse.Tampa FL]
I've Been Loving You Too Long [2008-07-04 Waterfront Park.Louisville KY]
Down In The Valley [2005-11-30 Bamboo Room.Lake Worth FL]
You Gotta Have Roots [2002-03-03 Tulagi's.Boulder CO]
Battle Is Over [2007-03-24 Suede.Park City UT]
Goodbye [2004-12-03 Abbey Pub.Chicago IL]
Thanks/Frog Giggin'/Cracka Break [2002-08-29 Proud Larry's.Oxford MS]
Little Improv [2002-05-04 Old Point Bar.Algiers LA]
Whitehouse [2005-11-30 Bamboo Room.Lake Worth FL]
Mississippi [2008-02-01 Exit/In.Nashville TN]
Circles [2008-10-12 Loki.Deerfields NC]
Devil You Know, The [2008-09-10 Rhythm Room.Phoenix AZ]
Tragic [2007-04-10 Varsity Theater.Minneapolis MN]
Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything) [2007-03-28 Rhythm Room.Phoenix AZ]
Ybor City [2008-09-28 Granada Theater.Lawrence KS]
Long Way Home, The [2005-11-30 Bamboo Room.Lake Worth FL]
Footsteps-Turpentine [2007.05.10 Shepherd's Bush Empire.London England]
Hottest Spot In Hell [2005.04.13 Funk Box.Baltimore MD]
On Palastine [2006.08.11 Bamboo Room.Lake Worth FL]
Pray For Rain [2006.04.19 Rhythm & Brews.Chatanooga TN]
Hurricane [2006.03.31 Orange Peel.Asheville NC]
Fireflies [2003.03.28 Stella Blue.Asheville NC]
She Don't Know [2004.04.07 North Georgia State.Dahlonega GA]
Move It On [2006.03.31 Orange Peel.Asheville NC]
Do Right Woman - Do Right Man [2006.11.11 Down On The Farm III.Quincy FL]
A Woman [2007.04.18 Southgate House.Newport KY]
Truth, The [2008.08.30 St. Augustine Amphitheater.St. Augustine FL]
By My Side [2008.04.11 Spirit Of The Suwanee.Live Oak FL]
Sweet Little Woman [2004.12.03 Abbey Pub.Chicago IL]
Got My Mojo Workin' [2008.12.30 Freebird Live.Jax Beach FL]
I Believe (In Everything) [2008.10.12 Loki.Deerfields NC
 Feein' Good [2007.04.18 Southgate House.Newport KY]
War [2008.10.14 Lincoln Theater.Raleigh NC]
Jookhouse* [2007.02.16 Florida Theater.Jacksonville FL]
Gimme That Drop [2002.03.03 Tulagi's.Boulder CO]
54-46 [2002.11.27 Smith's Olde Bar.Atlanta GA]
Harp & Drums 2002-11-27 [2002.11.27 Smith's Olde Bar.Atlanta GA]
Everything Good Is Bad [2008.07.27 3rd & Lindsley.Nashville TN]
 Higher You Climb [2008.10.29 Canal Club.Richmond VA]
Orange Blossoms [2008-11-29 Exit/In. Nashville TN]
On Fire [2008-10-14 Lincoln Theater.Raleigh NC]
Back To The Bridge [2002-07-28 Jake's Roadhouse.Decatur GA]
 Hoochie Coochie Man [2008-12-30 Freebird Live.Jacksonville beach FL]
Brighter Days [2003-09-03 Lincoln Theater.Raleigh NC]

Got Mofro

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Old boards are full o stuff, yep yep..........NICE Clay!!!!!!

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Quit sucking up.

For those that may be new to the live music archive it's probly easiest to use the date search function to find the songs above. Clicketyclak here

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Downloaded a few of the earlier shows. Amazing how much the sound has changed. Wish the show back in May 2003 at the House Of Blues in Myrtle Beach was on there.

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I found them on but not all of them.  Most of them though, its a great website check it out

"its the little things not expectations that make life worth living."
JJ Grey and Mofro

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I have American Trilogy somewhere, cuz I remember burning it to a disc.

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 In a heartbeat, all worlds collide
  ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
In a heartbeat, worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, worlds collide"

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So far as I know there is only one recording of American Trilogy, from the Jewish Mother in VA beach, played right before the democratic somethin or another back in Jan '09... Check it out here

This song means a lot to me for reasons I won't get into here. I freaked out when I heard they had played it and hoped to hear it myself but it it looks like it was a one off deal... At least it was recorded the one time they played it public. Big thanks to Brian Grey for the recording!
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