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Craven Moore

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OK, so those of you I've talked at length with before/at/after shows have heard me go on (and on and on and on, probably) about the similarities between JJG&M and BS&TESB).  One of the biggest for me is the storytelling and orating both JJ and Bruce do at shows, not limiting the messages they send to just the song lyrics.  I got to personally experience it full-force Saturday night at the Wrigley Field concert in Chicago (early in the show, well before the 90 minute rainfall that made that night the wettest I've been in my entire life with clothes on.  But I digress...).  Sorry I couldn't find it all in one clip, so I attached both, since the story starts before the song, and resumes in a break in the song.

At the start of this year's tour, Bruce has used a break during the song My City of Ruins to introduce the band and pay tribute to "who's missing?", late band members Danny Federici and more recently, Clarence Clemons.  He's since mixed it up a bit, and started out (in the first clip) storytelling about ghosts: 

"The older you get, the more ghosts are in your life.  When you're a child, it's something they teach you to be frightened of.  But as you get older, you realize those ghosts are a blesssing.  They are your companions, they are your memories, they are all the pieces of your experience."


I had already been intensely in touch with those memories this entire day, returning to Wrigley Field, although not this time for a baseball game.  Remembering three of the happiest days I ever had growing up.

Although a long, long, long ways from perfect, my dad was his best as a father any time baseball was involved, and particularly when I played.  Baseball was one of the few things he felt he knew enough about to teach, and one of the few times he could be patient if we mis-executed his direction.  Whether it was a catch in the backyard, watching a game on TV, poring through a Stan Musial instructional book (one of only a couple things I ever saw my dad read cover to cover), or coaching the youth teams I played on, these were the really good times.  And as much as he absolutely, positively, detested big cities, every few years he would take us to a game in Minneapolis, or Kansas City, or best yet, a 3-game series in the summer of '69 between the Cubbies and the SF Giants, which featured my first "greatest idol of all time", Willie Mays (my insane idoltry of Keith F N Richards was yet to come).  What a flood of great memories, from the shops and street vendors and all the people hustle/bustle in the area, to seeing that marquee in front of the stadium, to walking through the concourses, to finding my seat just a few rows from the field, just like 43 years ago (sadly, the Frosty Malts have been replaced by Dippin Dots).  Sitting in the stands with my dad on that fairly rare day when he was just a fun, happy guy. 

So they do a couple verses and chorus of My City of Ruins. (Pick up the second link at about the 3:30 mark.)  At the break, Bruce does his "roll call", rousing the crowd and introducing the band, giving special attention to who is missing with a moment of silence.  And at about the 7:52 mark:




"Think of who you're missing and let them stand alongside you for a moment."


"Think of who you're missing and let them stand alongside you for a moment."

("take it way down now", and in a near-whisper)

"Think of who you're missing and let them stand alongside you for a moment."

JFC!!!!  So that's what I've been doing all freakin' day!!!  I'm already an emotional puddle, the song hasn't climaxed, the monsoon hasn't begun, and there will still be 22 songs to go.  But, evidently, my ghost didn't mind the rain too much, as he drove back to Iowa with me and is currently sitting next to me at the office.  All in all, it was a pretty good weekend to be me.

Start of ghost story through band intro's:

Misses ghost story but has most of the beginning of song, through roll-call break and end of song:

You gotta be really bangin' on that guitar to make a bolo tie look good.

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All I can say is WOW, what a sweet story.  I've heard that Bruce is really doing it up on this tour, I know some people that say him in Philly last week and said he played for 4 hours, amazing.
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