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Friday morning my, Mother, my Sister and myself hopped on a plane headed for Seattle. We rented a plush mini-van and started our route to Alki Point. The plan was to have a crew of people to party after the show, so we got the upgrade. The feel of the Pacific Northwest air reminds me of a lover recently lost.

A warm welcome was had as we got a tour of the Garagemahal. First thing we did was grab a bite to eat and headed straight for the water. Pictures were takin and the fresh ocean air was very invigorating. We tooled around a bit and saw some sights with the “Mayor of Alki” (Richard). I brought ‘Singles’ a movie where Seattle is practically a character. We watched the cult classic and headed to bed.

5 am I hear a knock on my door and Richard enters to say he has to go to the ER. My mom heard too. She had not been feeling well and was already awake in the next room. Both of us jumped up and took a very miserable Richard to the local Hospital. I stayed by his side until the CT came back (6 hours). Richard, just 2 days prior went to have a mass takin off of his bladder. The CT showed that there was an infection and he would need to be admitted. I was crushed! Richard would not make it to the show...

Despaired we went back to the house and visited with Shaari for a while. As she was not feeling well at all either. We got the 411 on the little quirks that every home has. The dog/cat food, the special needs of the littlest pooch, and got the spare key to his house.

So the three of us get ready and head to the show. We sat at the bar and had a couple drinks before hand. We met Chad and Jen at our table. They are giant Mofro fans also who had nothing but good things to say about Richard. As they where gifted the tickets Richard and his girlfriend Shaari would have used. Keith, a friend of Richards’, came over and introduced himself. From my understanding Richard is a beloved Seattleite and is very respected in his own town. A loving family indeed.

My Mom ordered tofu a total contrast to my petite sister who ordered the 7 flavored beef. I, on the other hand had a good buzz goin on so I couldn’t eat. Hummm maybe it was nerves too? Idk
Just before the lights went low I saw Eric walk by and I gave him a big squeeze.

Ok so about the show already!!!!!!!!!
Im going to TRY to explain in silly English words how special this set was. It’s hard to translate the feeling he gives with just.. words. It’s more than that. It’s a feeling, not a word?! He makes my heart palpitate, my eyes dilate, my mouth salivate and the hairs on my neck stand straight. You could literally hear a pin drop in that venue and nothing but JJ’s voice. It’s almost as if people were on the edge of their sets the entire time.
Beautiful and barefoot he was vulnerable, raw and rustic. It reminded me of the old days when is was just Mofro. He mentioned that sometimes things don’t turn out the way you’d expect, but maybe that was the way it was suppose to be.

Ok let’s talk about touring solo.
I mean, really. Who does that? Most front men wouldn’t go anywhere and perform with out their band. A fierce trailblazer for sure.

So, I take it back, JJ is a God. I Rockgod in every essence. Unbeknownst he has birthed a plethora of people. A tribe of young-to-old from black-to-white from one side of the planet to the other. A family of one species. Not just a group, but children who dance in the night to Mofro. The entire room felt like family.

Let me tell ya, I wouldn’t have been able to do this trip alone. It was my family that came to play, yet stayed and helped. We took care of the dogs, cleaned up the house a bit and brought Richard flowers to the hospital the next day. It’s the family that we have that holds us together. So even though this trip did not go as planned. It was all meant to be. My sister and I bonded, my mom and I had good laughs and I was able to share something oh so sweet with them, my JJ. So keep your family close. The ones you were born into or the ones we choose.

Even though our JJ was Solo in Seattle he was not alone. He had several of his creations there and I kneeling at the Pew.

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**When I'm down in Jacksonville Son, I hang wit da MOFRO crew!**


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I loved his solo show here in San Diego.  It was a sit down show at the venue.  There has never been a time I've wanted to do that, but for JJ, I'll do anything.  

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