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......words can not describe the beauty I feel inside

when holding these snow covered mountains in my vision ....


Many of the vultures continued to circle above, as some decided to just hang out in the trees. 

Gregg called me over to some impressions in the snow, and he surmised they were the markings of vulture wings, pretty cool. 






I was surprised there wasn't more of a breeze up there, but was glad the air was calm. 

[12528566133_2406b840b0] [12529173834_933dce7016]


It can be pretty windy up there, making it uncomfortable when it is cold. 

[12528591073_d8c99b896e] [12528588755_a48bea3f94]


Eventually I had to tear myself away. I could have hung out there all day,

but we have been gone a while, and needed to get back and check on the kids.

So reluctantly, I headed back.  As we re-entered the woods,

Gregg spotted the ever elusive "Eyes of the Forest"!!
I can count on my two hands how many folks have claimed the same status!! 

[12528644643_ffe546eccd] [12528919254_bc88b2c4db]



what a purty shot of our property marker!!


Gregg headed back into the house as he needed to get back to work, as I continued to roam around.




down by our fire pit


Seeing my backyard in such a different light ......

I could hear the kids laughing in the distance..... 



dormant kiwis on their trellis next to our solar panel



looks like a big toasted marshmallow!


[12528789713_ce9d5138c9] [12528784633_3262a9fe0e]


[12529096134_09e11ae22d] [12528704353_8e155e8afe]



wavy snow on top of our composter


Soon my belly was letting it be known that it was time to head in for a bite to eat.


Made it back in the house; I was quite taken aback when I realized I had been roaming outside for over 3 hours.

 I don't get to see this land painted like this very often, if ever.

As I have never hiked back behind the chicken coop after it snows,

and yesterday's snow was epic!!!

 I would like to state for the record that today's Walk~A~Bout was the best one to date that I can recall.


Friday I knew I would need to shovel the driveway, at least by the top,

so I could bring my car back down our freshly plowed one lane road and back into the holler.

 So I bundled up and headed out.  I can probably count on one hand how many times we have had to shovel our driveway.

 I was thrilled to be able to work outside, it wasn't playing in the garden, but nonetheless,

 I was getting to go outside!  So I grabbed our cheaply made, hardly used, plastic red shovel.

 And so the shoveling began....before long, I was darn near breaking a sweat and had to start stripping off the layers, gloves first.

  Ended up in a short sleeve shirt and jeans; but what an incredible turn of events!

 Oh how the sun warmed the air, and not sure if it was because of all snow still covering everything,

but the sky was such a deep rich blue.  I was shoveling the snow in the driveway,

 as sun's warm rays were melting away the magic ...... and iffin it didn't make me smile

while as I was bending to shovel another big scoop of snow,

thinking how warm it felt out here and then a small handful of snow let go of the branch it was holding onto

 and landed on the back of my neck and when I stood up

the melted snow trickled down my back and felt incredibly refreshing!!!


 By the time I completed my snow removal services,

 I knew I was going to have to get a run in, has been 8 days since my last one. 

So I put on a pair of shorts, and a short sleeved shirt and headed out.

 Was a tad chilly, but before long my blood was a pumping and the cool air felt wonderful against my bare skin.

 The back drop for this jog is one that I don't think I will have the pleasure of enjoying very often.

 Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

 [12564441845_9df9bdf5e2] [12564517083_fb0bc50240]


oops ...... guess they didn't plow Haystack Hill....gotta turn around



this is where my car spent a couple of days ....


Even though Friday gave a us a tease of Spring weather, upon rising Saturday,

 there was another inch of snow that fell thru the night. 

Gregg had commented that is was just enough to make everything pretty again!


Spent Saturday, for literally 7 1/2 hrs, dealing with a computer virus and shopping for the best deal on airfare

(and you know me, I gotta find a deal).

 By 7 o'clock I was done, and I walked away from the computer and tried to unwind .......




Tonight I believe I have had some sort of revelation ..

I dunno .......... something about walking out onto the Front Porch in the 26°, 

completely calm air , while the family enjoyed watching "Impractical Joker",

I was enjoying the immensely bright rising moon cast incredible shadows

that only a moon can dew against a fresh snow...

and I am able to view my backyard in an almost alternate reality.....

 I have had the pleasure of living my life, where I reside now for a tad over 14 years now,

 and there has been a few times when I have had the opportunity to observe my surroundings like tonight. 


I think as of late, my pursuit of trying to enjoy the here and now,

 trying to forever feel the joy in everything, has become increasingly stronger.

 I guess this is my mid-life crisis.

It is almost a impending urge to live every moment and see the beauty in life, everywhere


.......... It was about 9:30 Saturday night, and I tried to get the family to get on their snow stuff and hike with me under the clear skies,

 just saturated with stars, to the top of the first hill where Gregg and I ventured to Thursday.

The moon was like a powerful candle rising in the sky to light the way. 

Again, the reflection off the snow provided a beautiful peaceful ambience ........ no takers. 

So I grabbed my music and a glass of Toasted Head Untamed Red

and hung out on the Front Porch, soaking it all in, all the while wishing others would do the same.


I have spoke to a few folks and have read other's post on facebook of their disgust with the cold snowy winter.

Kinda makes me sad that others choose to only see the negative, when in fact,

 there is wonderful positives.  Sure, it's cold, but you can't change the fact that it snowed,

a lot, and you may have been 'trapped' and not able to venture out,

but one can't change what nature has given us ....

but you can change how you process these events. 

When in fact there is much negativity in this world, we should all strive to add a more positive outlook.

  For instance, when experiencing this latest blast of ole man winter,

one can choose to appreciate that a fresh snow can transform even the plainest surroundings

into a different kind beauty, make every branch visible on the bare tree branches,

 to view nature on another dimension, if only temporary.


~~ Winter is beautiful

if you let your heart fend off the negative influences

of others wanting to bury

the beauty of this ominous season ~~


Sunday, we woke to a light dusting of snow! 

I think today will be getting my update finished,

and get a run in and we are going to head into the big city of Asheville and enjoy one of our favorite places,

 Asheville Pizza and Brew Company and watch the movie, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".


~~ Peace Out ~~


Peace ~ Love ~ M*O*F*R*O



"In a heartbeat, all worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, all worlds collide
  ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
In a heartbeat, worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, worlds collide"
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