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Let me start my story by telling you of someone I know that has the ability to "listen, read, and hear"

what the cows are saying in relevance to the upcoming weather conditions. 

Sorry if you spewed your coffee or mountain dew thru your nose, 

should have warned you, but this is the real deal.  I had to see it for myself before I was a believer  ........


Lorri Smith is her moniker, I work with her husband. 

Keith, (as we call him) started rambling about some cockamamie delusional tale

with the telling of how the cows have predicted it is going to snow. 

You see, Lorri has been advertised as a Cow Reader. 

She has the ability to observe cows and read them by their body language. A week or so ago, she made a claim as such. 

And it was at this same time I experienced my first Sun Dog (which is nature's promise of snow in the coming days).  


Both Lorri's translation from the cows and the sun dog I witnessed ...... both came thru;

snow fell as we both believed would.  Fast forward to Monday February 10th. 

As the Weather Junkie I am, I love to know what the weather is up to. Living in the mountains keeps it interesting for sure. 

The Western NC mountains have such  crazy weather patterns.

Plus, our mountains either push the fronts around us, or hold on to it for dear life.

 It has been quite cold in the past few weeks (single digits) and snow,

yet next weekend we will see the lower 60's, it's crazy!


Ok, Monday morning .....

(I know, I know I got side tracked, y'all should be used to that by now.)


So, I had checked the weather charts to see if it was safe outside ....

and it was predicting a significant snow fall mid week. 

I decided I would check in with the Resident Cow Whisperer. 


Mr. Smith entered the office, swinging his lunchbox with a impish grin on his face,

like he does every morning, always a smiling. 

I bring up to him about the impending forecast and ask what information

Lorri has gathered from the cows.  His exact reply was:


"Lorri said the cows are screaming..."    Unquote....


Really ..... What am I suppose to take away from this ?!

I had to know more ...... DETAILS people .... details. 

How much snow .... When will it hit, etc.??

and again he repeated:


"Lorri said the cows are screaming..."    Unquote....


Lorri's interpretation was:  'a significant amount of snow will fall'  is all the cows told her.

Now keep in mind too, that Friday the 7th,  I spotted 2 sun dogs running with Eva.


Wednesday must have been what the cows were saying, because that is when it started. 

It was forecasted to begin anywhere from 9 am to 11 am; and end up dropping 9"-14" when the storm was finished passing thru. 

Me, being the weather weenie when it come to driving in rough snow conditions,

 I asked Keith if he didn't mind picking me up that morning. About half the office made it in.

 Some left as soon as they nearly arrived, and most were on their way back home by 10 or so. 

Keith being the ever so confident snow taxi driver he is, we stayed until 11 am.

  It has been snowing the whole time in town, but none at home. 

By the time we headed out to pick up said cow whisperer,

 the roads were slushy and slippery (according to Evil Knievel.) 

He was purposely trying to slide in the road.  But I felt safe considering his years of experience.


I still did not believe we were going to get the 9" - 14" of delicate,

one of a kind, harmless alone~but incredibly strong in numbers, amount of snow.

My thought process was 'if I don't think it will happen, it will; so if I believe it will snow ..... it won't'.

 So I had to hold onto the belief it would not snow, as I have been wishing for a big snow for a few years now.


Arrived home about 11:30 and it pretty much snowed all day long.  Some times much harder than others. 

And then it kinda just stopped.  So I checked the radar, and for the next 1-2 hours the mountains did their thang. 

They gently pushed the system around us.  Still, it was beautiful with the 3" we had already. 


Not sure what time it was, maybe 4~ish, but it appears that this system has slowed way down, if not stalled momentarily...

and the army of flakes started coming down, like a bazillion paratroopers jumping out of the passing planes at the same time.

 Started accumulating at roughly 1"-2" an hour.  By now I am starting to get excited that a big snow may actually happen!

 I can NOT wait to take a walk~a~bout tomorrow. At this rate, there could be at least 10"of snow.

I decided my journey will be a trek past the chickens to the top of the first hill to take in the 360* view of snow covered mountains tomorrow.



As daylight diminishes...
I can't help but feel a great sense of joy inside.

 I am absolutely blown away

by this incredible cascade of snowflakes

gently drifting down from the heavens

before my very eyes.
~God Bless~




As I sit here in the dark...
Way past my bedtime (1:30am),
I glance out my front windows.
What dew I see, you ask at this hour?
I am truly amazed that it appears brighter outside than inside.
The reflection of the distant light upon the new fallen snow perhaps;
Possibly the new moon trying to penetrate the clouds

that provided us with this beautiful blanket of snow...

Regardless, it is hard for me to go upstairs and climb under the warm covers

 and forever end this incredible experience I have wished for.
My pulling force, is that I shall be able to venture out tomorrow

 to photograph Mother Nature at her best.

Good Night.


Woke at about 6 am Thursday, decided to put another log on the fire

and planned on going back under those warm covers,

 but I was mesmerized by the view out the front window.....


Every branch was covered, looked like all the trees were dipped in marshmallow creme!

I decided to grab a blanket and a hot cup of coffee and plop myself in one of the rocking chairs on the Front Porch and rock.

Four and a half hours of sleep should be enough to get me through the day.

 It was not only completely quite, but the air, every branch was completely still. 

What a meditational way to start the new day. 

[12528498165_2e9f6c12e9] [12528593035_b9be524b14]

About 9:30 the kids bundled up and headed outside to meet the neighbors to play in the snow.

I enjoyed one more cup of coffee in front of the fire before I bundled myself up.


I was just so taken by how beautiful everything looked after a fresh deep snow.

It is such a shame that it won't remain like this very long, as tomorrow is suppose to be in the 40's.

 I headed down the stairs thru Gregg's office, he was working away. 

I persuaded him to step away from work to come outside to play. 

We don't have too many days like this and wanted him to enjoy this temporary change of scenery,

 to experience the magic.  He said he would make it out in a few.  So I headed to take care of the chickens ..... 

 [12528449595_beb1d6d09e]  [12528629703_3fd0ae64fb]


The steps down to the backyard, they seem as if they have disappeared. 

So I went down slowly, trying to hit the steps by memory.

 I would have to guess that the depth of snow at this part of the yard must be about 9"-10" or so.

 I had my camera with me, and I couldn't make it five feet without stopping to take a picture.

 Making my way through the trees  on my way to the chicken coop was a tad challenging, this is so much fun!!! 


The only thing that could have possibly made this any better, would be more snow! 


The hoop house had quite the snow shell, made it kinda dark inside. 

[12528634285_4e97325d20] [12529182094_3dd7674268]


Chickens were happy to get fed as well as the chance to get out,

as they have been cooped up (ha ha) for a couple days now. 

They surely did not know what to think of the snow, but they all hung out, all clumped together in the sunny spot.



Before long, Gregg met me at the chickens and we headed through the woods. 

It felt magical out there, the snow covered trees created such an ominous presence.....

like we were walking though the forest of Narnia.

[12529125484_dcfdc5eb62] [12528844153_7d0e99cc64]


Soon we arrived at the barbed wire fence we needed to roll under. 



We could see several vultures swirling round and round, almost as if they were flying in slow motion. 

 Wasn't long before we reached the top of the hill .....



"In a heartbeat, all worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, all worlds collide
  ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
In a heartbeat, worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, worlds collide"
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