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Rolled up to Greystones thinking I had the wrong address!! The venue was in the Backroom of a local pub. Little did I know that it was a new (two and a half years old) live music venue on the outskirts of Sheffield. Big Boy Bloater opened with a solo accoustic set due to the small stage - and impressed. 

Next up was JJ and the band, squeezed onto a very small stage, with poor Tod hidden out of sight for the entire show, but his presence was most definately felt!! Everyone got into the groove from the outset and laid down some really tasty licks, with a mixture of old favourites and songs from the new album "This river". Aaron had kindly sorted my photopass for both tonight's show and for tomorrows at Bury, so some shots will be up as soon as I get time to process (It's been pretty full on since these gigs) The band opened with Dirtfloor and got everyone jumping around.

The temperature was rising, it was getting hot, the band were into the groove with everyone nailing their solo spots. Here's another from the new album.

Unfortunately Aaron informed me halfway through the show that he they didn't want paople to video the show?? Of course I duly put my Lumix TZ10 away and continued to shoot stills with my DSLR throughout the show. Hope I don't get into trouble for posting up on here what I did shoot?

Then back to the hotel, before driving to Bury for our second show. Larger venue, not quite capacity, but guaranteed to be full next time around after Thursday's show. The band enjoyed some great food at the venue prior to the show (After AC had been out for some fried chicken LOL) and laid on another standout performance on a much bigger stage, where Art and Denis could groove along to the vibe. Setlist was completely different to the previous night with only a few "standards", which really goes to show what a brilliant bunch of musicians we were witnessing. Lots of friends turned up, some who've seen JJ before, but most not, having seen clips on You Tube. (Really can't see the folly of not allowing video tapers to shoot shows in these days of social media - but really not my call I guess). Here's a vid of Big Boy Bloater's full band set from that night.

So looking forward to JJ's next trip to the UK. One day I hope to make the trip to the U.S. to see him in his home State maybe!!

all the best

Geoff & Sue

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Hey guys - thanks for the posts.  Good to see some other UK'ers posting here too!
JJ operates at my resonant frequency - Makes me smile, dance and cry. Live it's like going to church - it's good for the soul!!

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Geoff what a wonderfully painted review!!

We awl appreciate you coming on the Front Porch
to share your experience of JJ Grey & M*O*F*R*O!!

no video taping ........... hmmmm
that's new, lets hope not a permanent thang

"In a heartbeat, all worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, all worlds collide
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In a heartbeat, worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, worlds collide"
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