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Is it me, or are the threads not moving up & down as new posts get added?  Is this a function of the new board? I always liked to see what was the hot topic of the day.....

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hhmmm, I didn't notice, but awl I do is hit the "new posts" tab to keep up...

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hey slick, I noticed that too.  I have just been looking over to the right column on each forums list of threads. It is the 'last post' column and I look for the posts for the day or god forbid the day before (if I didn't catch up for a whole day)

the little arrow thing in the last column takes you to the last post and that is also a timesaver. 

I noticed the new post button only works if you are continually logged on.  It only gives you the new posts from the time you actually log in. 
If we (slick and I) are missing something let us know.

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You can change your preferences to show the last post in each thread first or last, depending on what you prefer.  That way you don't have to click on the last post part in order to see the most recent reply in a thread that is longer than one page or just large in size.  Also, check out the sorting option you can do by clicking the column header and it will sort them for you.  I'm pretty impressed with Clay's addition, there are quite a few sport websites that use this message board template for each team and they are extremely popular and quite user friendly.  Just alot of figure out, but once you do, it's a lot of fun and easy to use.

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Y'all done figgered it out.  One more comment relevant to Slick's question: the posts do move up according to last post once you go into the individual forum.  The "thumbs up" are 'pins' or 'stickies' and they will always remain at the top; the ones below do move up according to when someone has posted.

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Thanks guys!!
I didn't have the 'Move updated topics to top' button clicked yes in my control panel.  Appreciate all the new bells and whistles, just needed help locating them!! 
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