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Neighborhood Theatre
October 09, 2014
a beautiful breezy Thursday
with Fall colors emerging
couldn't have asked for a better backdrop,
with such a perfect destination.....
Yes, I have said it before, so pardon for my repetitiveness
It had been 311 days since I have experienced the
pre-party all the way through to the post-party adventure of a
JJ Grey & M*O*F*R*O performance;
with the finest people I have ever met,
yes, Liz, I'm talking to you
Eva and I met up with Liz at our hotel, and called a cab
to drop us off near the venue so I could deliver of my lil
gift for the guys.  I prepared a Pumpkin Cheesecake
with a Gingersnap Butter crust topped with a vanilla crème glaze.
As Luck would have it, Colin was coming out of the bus.
He had me and Eva follow him into the venue
(this is a first!! as they always would just take it onto the bus.....)
The usual amount of butterflies has just increase exponentially ....
I turn back to Eva and whisper quietly:
"we're going back stage!!!"
We walk in and JJ is up on stage warming up his vocals,
and he sounds sweet.
I have never ever seen a sound check performed,
so I walked pretty slow past the stage, hee hee.
We continued to follow Colin back stage,
AC and Todd were the only ones back there.
During a conversation with Todd,
a thought occurred to me..... so I proceed to say,
"you know how some folks have the comment
about the setlists seem similar,
but we know, and I completely understand.....
it's because there is a new member on board 
and you want to play the songs he can
the best til he finds his groove right?"
Todd listens closely and it seems if he is contemplating
my question and he says "right...."
So I decide to throw out my idea.
I proceed, "there is a song JJ can perform tonight
and no one has to learn it because there are no instruments,
and the crowd will love it! ....."
I got his attention now if I didn't have it before......
"JJ can sing Seminole Wind acappella", I pause a second
(and now I decide to get creative)
and then transcend into Lochloosa."
and just as I was waiting for his response,
JJ enters the back room.
Had our hellos, and then they asked if we had tickets.
Both Eva and I had ours, but Liz did not.
So Colin said that she will be on "The List" upfront,
and to just tell them upon entering.
And as he was saying that,
he's handing both Eva and I VIP passes
(whoa! ..... that came out of nowhere!?!?!!)
and continues, "and Liz will have one waiting for her up front."
They said just drop in anytime after the show.
So now I somehow have gotten the nerve
to mention my suggestion to JJ....
I presented the same scenario to JJ that I did to Todd,
except I emphasized the part of letting him know how
awesome it would be for us fans!
And I can't believe he is even considering it,
as he replies something about it being in the G cord, or cord of G
(coulda been E, I know nothing about music notes or cords)
he continues, "kinda like Brighter Days,
playing same cord through out the song."
Todd and JJ proceed to talk 'music' talk like they are
trying to figure out a puzzle or something.
Ok, I think this is a good time to make our exit,
as I am sure they have stuff to do.
We thank them again for their generosity and head back on out.
As we were exiting the venue, Jeff was walking in
and we introduce ourselves to him
as well as welcoming him to the band,
he says to me, hey you're the one that brings the food,
uh oh..... I'm found out, lol!
He seems like a very nice fella.
Off to Cabo Taco for a bite to eat.
On our way, we passed by Trube hanging out with some folks,
said our pleasantries, gave hugs and moved on.
I just don't have an appetite; par for the course,
as I am not hungry in the least on Mofro Days,
just have to much excitement building to think food.
Liz and I shared a black tip shark jerk taco between the two of us.
Mighty tasty! We ate here the last time
they played the Neighborhood Theatre.
As we found the back of the line that was moving rather quickly,
had a too quick of an encounter with Harp20 and Danny,
always great to see you guys!
Ran into Meandmyfriend.  That was such a nice surprise!
As she approaches me her arm is extended out,
and as she hands me this little red car,
she tells me that it a present from her adorable little boy to me,
the car had a sun on it with the word sunshine,
and he wanted me to have it, what a sweetheart.
Tell him thank you again for me!
Since it had been so long,
I really didn't have a list of songs I would prefer to hear,
I knew it didn't matter,
so long as I was getting my long awaited dose of
JJ Grey & M*O*F*R*O.
The setlist did not disappoint.
backstage, Aaron asked if I wanted a setlist,
I said absolutely; and he gave me his.
I think the setlist is verbatim, except "Orange Blossom"
replaced " Ybor City "
The Fans were incredibly receptive from the first note,
not shy about singing along at all!
So much so that JJ had said (something along the lines of)
and during what song, which I do not remember,
that his voice has needed some rest
and wasn't sure how the night would go.
but he said the energy from the crowd just kinda took over,
all the while a big ole grin is plastered on his face.
hearing "Air" performed,'s well,
it's like a blast of fresh air from the past! 
And I always think of Wyle E. Coyote & The Roadrunner,
which I believe JJ has said before, that is about the cartoon,
and the "walking on air y'all"  is when Wyle E. Coyote would run
over the edge and stand there, and soon realizes there is no earth below, so he starts "walking on air".
The Professor would know for sure.
After "99 Shades of Crazy", Jessica urged me to come up by her,
I was hanging back for the first time, three rows back,
as I am always in row one.
Then JJ said, 
"A good friend of mine asked me if I could play this song tonight",
(what?.....did he just say he said good friend!!)
(and then something like) so the band is gonna give it a try....
<GOOD friend of MINE> kept playing over in my head
like I was trying to brand the memory into my brain
exactly as I heard it just seconds ago
as he came over to the edge of the stage, pointing to me.
And then he began......
Ever since the days of old,
Men would search for wealth untold.
They'd dig for silver and they dig for gold,
And leave the empty holes.
I enjoyed that version of that song,
like I had no idea I would.
I was able to sing it verbatim,
didn't even have to think about it.
And it sounded incredible!!!
The energy JJ was referring to early never slowed.
Almost felt like the night was just going by so fast,
and gaining an unstoppable momentum .........
JJ breaks out his tambourine and a drumstick,
of course, it's "Orange Blossom".
And at the end when he's singing the lyrics
"where did she go... where did she go..."
be belts out a
like he was testing out a new set of lungs,
face red from all that blood pumping through that man!!!
I was glad with ending the night with "Everything Good Is Bad",
kinda left me wanting more though, lol.
And then .... the bow
I remember the very first time they did their bow,
it was at an Orange Peel show.
We waited a while before we attempted to wander backstage.
Felt weird to me,
kinda like I was sneaking into somewhere
I shouldn't be, trespassing .......
after a while we wandered back there
and that is when Aaron offered me his setlist.
We continued on and saw in the room in the back
was a few folks with JJ,
with the father and his young son, maybe 10 or 11 years old.
He brought his guitar for JJ to sign.
He was up front the whole show and
kept giving a '2 thumbs up' with a
smile permanently etched on his face.
So cool how he sets time aside after such an electric show
to talk to his young fans.
Realizing this,
we retreated and went for a drink, soon to return.
It was later in the evening,
and this guy says to JJ,
"Seminole Wind was awesome!
Have you ever played it before? it was great!"
JJ looks over in my direction,
stands up and walks over to where I am standing in the doorway,
gives me a hug, and proceeds to apologize
for not being able to sing it acappella,
as he wasn't sure it would sound as good as he would want it to,
so that is why the band played along.
I just replied how wonderful it sounded
and told him it meant alot to me that they played it.
It had been so long since I had that unmistakable
M*O*F*R*O high that rolls right over into the next day,
and if you're lucky, the day after that as well;
That, is what I was afraid I would not be able to achieve,
kinda like enjoying the runner's high when running
since it had been the longest time between shows.
Safe to say, all those emotions just came flooding back, ten fold!
I am more than looking forward to my next 'Fro Fix
~~~ Peace & Lve ~~~

"In a heartbeat, all worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, all worlds collide
  ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
In a heartbeat, worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, worlds collide"

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Welcoming CommitteeDirector of Happiness
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"In a heartbeat, all worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, all worlds collide
  ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
In a heartbeat, worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, worlds collide"

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AWESOME!!!  Reading your post was like I was there with you [wink].  WONDERFUL! 

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Sounds like a good time, Karla.  Nice review!!

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Nice nice nice review as always. It was really good to see you and Eva...and Liz of course. My folks had a great time and will most definitely be catching another mofro show! I completely enjoyed myself as I always do. Got a couple memories of my own to hold on to from that night in Charlotte. I did win that game of pool...he scratched on the 8 ball [smile]...Its kinda strange having a poster with Art in the pic and Jeff's signature but ill take it...gave it to Trenton he was mad I didn't bring him and he said you're welcome sunshine for the car.

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Sunny... such an awesome review!I'd say that I am jealous, but that goes without sayin'. Dayng... that is a night you will look back on 40 years from now, bouncing your great grand babies on your knee. I got chills myself when I read that JJ said "A good friend of mine"... You had to get chill bumps when you realised what he had said.
 Awesome review. Glad that the first time in so long was worth the wait!

The only voice that speaks for me speaks from this clay
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All we have is each other
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