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Tonight was Zach Christmas party at the Scout hut. 

Room started to fill with the scouts and their parents. 

I made small chit chat with a few. 

Saw a guy sitting by himself not to far from where I was sitting,

so I extended my hand and introduced myself.  and he goes on to say

 "so you like Mofro, huh?" 

 How in the heck would this guy I never met know that  ,

I was thinking to myself.  Come to find out, he too loves Mofro, 

and is friends with my bro-in-law Norman, who told this guy what a

 fanatic I am and to talk to me about them. 

So talk we did indeed!! 

 Thanks for letting me share!

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In a heartbeat, worlds are born
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Unless he's been hangin out in your bushes...LOL!

Ya know..? I've still never had a Mofroment with any one. Never walked into a place where it was playin either. It played a lot in Nashville in October at the bar across from the venue which I thought was way cool! I really don't get out much is what I'm getting at I guess...

On the other hand... Plenty people have walked in on me over the years playin Mofro. Almost all of em ask cuz it's just so damned great sounding!

Sunshine that dood totally lit your lamp with that! Good things are goin on!

"The idea of the Clavinet, on the wah wah pedal, had ta come from nature..."
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One that really had me confused was when I went to the recent Colorado shows where they opened for Johnny Lang.  I went to a high school that only had a total of 300 kids, tops, so we pretty much knew everyone.  There was a kid who was a year younger than me and we knew each other, but never hung out together, talked other than a hello here and there, or would have ever considered each other friends.  After the Boulder show, I was by the Mofro bus chatting with a guy from Jacksonville and waiting to talk to JJ.  My phone rang with a Denver area code number and I picked it up only to hear that it was that kid from high school?  He saw on my facebook page that I was in town and was checking to see if I wanted to go and hang out?  I told him I was in Boulder for the Mofro show and he was like, "Mofro!  You listen to Mofro?"  Of course you know my answer.  Well, he knew who they were and listens to them quite a bit, is a fan, but not hardcore like all of us.  He was surprised that I liked a band like that and impressed because he thought he was the only one from our high school that listened to those types of bands.  To this day, I have no clue why he called me, I think he got my number from Facebook somehow, and to go and show you as to how well he knew me or why I was surprised, a month after that show, I went back home and was out at a bar with some old high school buddies when who do we happen to come across?  That kid.  He shook hands and said hi, exchanged pleasantries with all of them, then turned to me and introduced himself!!!!  He was like, "Hi, I'm ..."  I was like, um, it's me...  He apologized and said I looked completely different and didn't recognize me.  We spent the remainder of the night going over different bands that we liked, most of which I knew of or had heard of, I inturn gave him a pretty good list of bands to look into that he didn't know about.  Like the Greyhounds, JTNL, Cope, Hance, and more.  He was amazed that I listened to Galactic.

Oh, and I was staying with my sister for the Colorado shows and told her he had called me.  Her response was priceless.  She looked as confused as I have ever seen her and was like, "What?  Why in the hell would he ever call you?"  I don't know, but he did... 

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