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The Mexican people have a completely different lifestyle then Americans. They work just enough to pay for that days bills. Then they rest, get cleaned up and use the rest of the day to celebrate life. Family comes first, relationships are valued and respect to your elders is the way of life. Yes it’s loud, but once you learn how to ignore all the noise pollution you can see more beauty. The ocean, the flowers, the stars and the beautiful bond mothers have with their children.
There was a soundtrack to my Mexico vacay some of whom included; Santana, Floyd, Vedder, Dylan, Gustavo Serati and of coarse Pedro Imfanti. The food is my favorite part. It’s sensual, the way they prepare it, sever it, and eat it. Using your hands, fingers and all of your senses are awakened. It’s always fresh, healthy and spicy. I love it. Hummingbirds were a big part of my Mazatlan trip. Symbols, proxy’s and actual. I felt like they were following me where ever I went. Even the Mexican vanilla I brought back as gifts had a hummingbird on the front.
Traveling to a third world country is something everyone should experience so that we could all appreciate what we have at home. I’m not going to write about everything that happened but I will give you one special highlight of each day.
Day1- Arriving at the airport and being raced through security in a wheel chair, passing everyone in line at customs and slipping by security without stopping.
Day2- Being serenaded by a beautiful young girl who brought us all to tears with her voice at La Marea
Day3- Having 5 cute waiters buzzing around me trying get a drop of juice off my dress that one of them spilled at Mr. Lionso’s
Day4- Siesta, siesta, siesta after seeing an amazing band called Rex, rock out the night before at Lucky B’s.
Day5- Watching my Aunt go full-on Mama Bear on the vender for trying rip me off while shopping.
Day6- Grounding myself at the beach...
Day7-Personally greeting everyone in the room at a Christmas party in el centro wishing them Feliz Navidad.
Day8- Having a elegant lunch in my bikini across from the beach street side.

After a long day of flying and what feels like the hurry-up and wait game, I finally arrive in Fort Myers. The following day my best friend, Raen drove down. There’s something about the way I feel when I’m with my best friend since kindergarten. I’m not sure what it is. It’s like we are kindred spirits, soul sisters or like twins that had been separated at birth. She completes me. We don’t get together very often, but when we do, it’s always special. We pick up right where we left off and fill in any holes we might have missed in our lives. We spent the next day talking, exploring our surroundings and drinking cocktails by the pool. Raen is a 10 plus. She has a bright, beautiful spirit that shines through her perfect outer shell. A rare breed for sure and I am truly blessed and lucky to have her in my life.

K- the show. We had to park in the over flow parking across the street. We toasted our mini bottles to the band and started the walk to the venue. Just as we crossed the street Raen says “Oh, men in black” I look up and the entire band was walking in front of us heading to the stage. I got a wave from Dennis with his trumpet and Todd flashed us his pearly whites. Entering the venue we go straight to the bar. Before we could order a beer I can hear that blissful harmonica blaring on stage. Perfect timing! I grabbed Raen’s hand and we weaved our way closer to see.
Just then it starts to rain, but my Raen found shelter. My head went back, my tongue was out and I was literally drinking it in. Even though it took me forever to get ready, I didn’t even care. My new dress got sopping wet, my hair was dripping and my make-up was running down my face. The warm rain was therapeutic and cleansing. Once the rain stopped, the stars came out and it was perfect. The boys might still be playing the same songs, but all of them were different. Funky beats got thrown in, changes in the style and long riffs were abundant.
Later, I had to find Raen under the pavilion and dragged her up by me. Just then JJ starts to play ‘The Sun is shinning down’. At first I said out loud, “You don’t have to play this one!” Then later I look over and Raen has tears pouring down her cheeks. You know, at the end after JJ’s guitar solo just before the horns chime in? There’s magic in that space and it touched my best friend. She doesn’t know the words or the meaning behind the song, but the music moved her and that was special to me. Everyone there was so kind and gentle. Mostly mid-life locals and some newbies in the mix. We had a great time. Ask the band. Ask the crowd. Ask my best friend. You will always hear it from me, but everyone there would tell you it was...Epic!

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A newbie yes but now DEFINITELY, a fan. The minute she told me we were going, I told her I knew it would be unforgettable... and it was most certainly that! Everything about this show was absolute perfection.
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