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JJ and the boys tore it up last night in Mammoth with
Tinsley Ellis sitting in for a crazy jam.
Craven Moore

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Hide & Seek
Your Lady
Somebody Else
Brighter Day
Everything Good
Tame a Wild One
Orange Blossoms
Slow Hot Sweaty
Ho Cake
99 Shades
On Fire

An absoutely beautiful setting in the woods.  Although coming down on Fri and leaving earlier today, the mountains were hidden in smoky haze from the California wildfires.  The bears stayed away their home for the weekend.

The three day festival featured a mega beer tasting event on Sat.  With the purchase of a tasting ticket, one could do unlimited tastings of 81 craft brewing companies from noon to 5pm.  Festival passes came with a lanyard with a built in glass holder for the 6 oz tasting glass.  This was one of those combinations of time and place where one would not commit a fashion faux pas by sporting a pretzel necklace.

Good music all day.  Had not heard of Diego's Umbrella, but this SF band wowed the crowd (and me) by its sound with Spanish/gypsy influences.  Worth checking out again sometime/somwhere.  Jimmy Thackery and Tinsley Ellis each provided exemplary sets of blues guitar wizardry, combining forces at the end of Tinsley's set for a jammin' Let the Good Times Roll.  Mingo Fishtrap had the increasingly drunken crowd dancing with its wall of sound.

As darkness crept in, a crowd of nearly 6,000 came down from Beer Haven (yep, that's what the tasting area was called) for the guys' 85 minute set.  An ominous beginning, with John, the trumpet player from Mingo Fishtrap, following Art to stage left.  Not until band intros did JJ announce to the crowd that Dennis was sick and at home.  Immediately into H&S, JJ broke a string, and sang with very noticable hoarseness.  With a little setlist shuffling, the string replacement didn't disrupt the pace, and JJ's voice didn't seem to worsen over the evening. 

No surprise inclusions on the setlist.  But no Lochloosa.  John must have really done his homework, or got a helluva cram session with Art, because his presence was pretty much seamless, although Art took the solo Dennis usually has at the end of SHS when JJ lights up his fake smoke.  Ho Cake had a false start, so that Ted, the bassist in Tinsley's band, could take over for Todd.  And later, Tinsley came on, as Gonzo noted.

On Fire was JJ's choice to return for "more hijinks".  JJ started off on guitar/wah wah, with a great trade of riffs at the end, with JJ on harp sparring with the horns.

A very under-advertised jam took place afterwards at the bar of the festival's host lodge.  The 3 or 4 of us non-musicians present were treated to a couple from Farrell, Trube, AC and Todd, along with a local (?) guy on lap slide.  Farrell singing Little Walter's My BAbe had Ted from Tinsley's band on bass, with Todd on percussion, causing me for the first time in my life to consider screaming out, "LESS COWBELL!!!". 

You gotta be really bangin' on that guitar to make a bolo tie look good.

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I can't believe they sat in, I rode over on the trolley with them but 
had to leave to catch the last trolley to my hotel at midnight. I thought
they had a midnight bus call. Sucks for me.
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