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Bad Habit

Traveling Ambassador of Goodwill
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Hello all,

     I desperately need your help!  As some of you are aware, due to budget cuts in my county, I lost my job a little over two years ago and have been unemployed ever since.  At this point I have applied for hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds)of jobs, to no avail.  It’s very frustrating to say the least, especially since I am considered “highly qualified” by having my Bachelors, Masters, & Specialist degrees - and have finished all my coursework for my Doctorate degree.  I guess all those years of schooling really paid off, huh? (insert sarcasm)


   I always believe in signs and figure I must not have been able to get another teaching job because there is something bigger and better out there for me – and I think I may have found my dream job!  There are a couple of positions open with Sixthman, the Atlanta-based company that puts on music cruises such as Rombello, Cayamo, The Rock Boat, Simple Man Cruise, etc.  With my love of music, travelling, and meeting new people, I think I would be perfect for one of the two following jobs:  Ninja or Wingman (at the end of this post I will put the descriptions listed to give you an idea of what these jobs are)  


     I have sent in my resume and cover letter and am hoping for the best.  Here’s where you come in…  If any of you out there feel like you know me well enough and would be willing to write me a brief letter of recommendation, I would GREATLY appreciate it!!!  It doesn’t have to be much, perhaps just an explanation of how you know me and why you think I would be an ideal candidate for a job with Sixthman. 

If you are willing to do this, please email it to: with the subject: Erica M. Norman – Letter of Reference


     If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me at: or call/text at (912)275-1489.  Again, I appreciate any help you can give me, even if it’s just a positive thought or prayer.  Wish me luck!





Position: Ninja (aka Guest Services Associate)

Type: Full Time

Department: Guest Services aka Team Ninja

Experience: Entry

Mission: Provide world-class customer service by always listening to our guests and anticipating guest needs before they happen. 

Descriptors: Front line, Care, Knowledge, Above & Beyond, Hold the Line, Personality, World Class Service, Consistency, Innovation, Make It Right 

- Provide administrative services for assigned events.
- Make yourself available to address guest needs and follow-up in a timely manner when necessary.


Daily Skills
- Provide guest service via phone, email & chat
- Route calls, voice mails & e-mails accordingly throughout the company
- Return voice mails & e-mails same day
- Develop knowledge of events & company
- Identify opportunities for new processes
- Provide back-up to your Warrior in social media engagement
- Manage and Create Payment E-mails
- Collect Past Dues and missing guest information; manage event manifest and communicate changes to the cruise line.


- Engaging and friendly yet professional demeanor on the phone and in person
- Patience, empathy, and a unique ability to manage stress.
- Skilled and eloquent in writing.
- Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
- Ability to work under pressure and adapt quickly to adverse situations.
- Technical aptitude and the ability to pick up new technology quickly.
- Intuitive knowledge of how to make people feel special
- Flexibility to travel 3 + times a year


Bonus Skills, not required
- Nunchucks
- Bilingual (English and Spanish)
- Call center experience
- Familiar with reservations or ticketing systems
- Previous experience in the travel or hospitality industries






Position: Wingman

Entry Level


Serve, Learn and Grow: Learn the inner workings of producing a Sixthman event while fully supporting the Warriors in daily tasks and key projects to keep events moving forward


Support, Organize, Coordinate, Host, Communicate, Engage, Connect, Follow-Through


            Support the Warrior Team across all phases of Launch to Landing

            Support Guest Services Team

            Engage, Excite & Connect guests online & offline prior to, on-board and after the cruise.

            Organize and help manage workflow for each event

            Assist in guest communication needs including: social media, email, copy, collateral



Day in the life:

            Check in with Warriors to assess pressing needs and share progress on key projects

            Research artists and track and share progress on their latest activities (Downloads, Videos, News)

            Check Social Media Forums and share trends (Facebook, Message Board, Groups, Twitter, Event Blog)

            Assist Warriors in the "Cruise Starts Now" Campaign

            Research and support event marketing and sponsor strategies (Coordinate with SPARK team)

            Attend Community Events Offline (Focus groups, shows, expos, meet ups)

            Solicit Guest Interaction & Content, organize into formats to garner key insights

            Research and secure relevant material to post on event social media sites to engage and excite community in accordance with guidelines provided by Warriors, Hosts & Partners

            Impact Front Line during weekly Guest Service Session (Stay informed & focused)

            Manage Support Suite Daily (Monitor Open & Closed Items & Refer Leads)

            Create documents with each Warrior to educate company about their community (Share highlights at staff mtgs & Today @)



Decisions you lead


            Responsible for helping each Warrior communicate with Prospective & Booked Guests. Assist guests via managing phone shifts and work with the Guest Services team to create and maintain reservations.

            Responsible for administrative and logistical tasks as assigned by each Warrior. Be the Warrior team go-to while adding new ideas and value to SXM guests, partners and artists.

            Responsible for supporting the Warriors as they impact Booked Guests, including; Offline Activities, Initiatives, Onboard Experience & Strategy. Owning daily tasks in the office and on board while learning the Warrior roles and responsibilities.


Who leads you?
Warrior Chief with dotted line management by individual Warriors.

Craven Moore

Posts: 547
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Sure!  How's this:

Dear cruise people,

Hire Bad Habit, or else we will pirate your ship and remove your booty.

You gotta be really bangin' on that guitar to make a bolo tie look good.
Bad Habit

Traveling Ambassador of Goodwill
Posts: 1,332
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Well, I guess that's one approach. [smile]
Bad Habit

Traveling Ambassador of Goodwill
Posts: 1,332
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Wow, thanks for the overwhelming response!!! I can't tell y'all how much I appreciate it [smile]
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