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                   D                           Bm

Stare at a picture but there's nothing for it
                          G                                     A                     D

I pull on the bottle and watch this river roll on by

                          D                                Bm

Trying to find purpose trying to see meaning
                         G                                    A                                            D             

Trying to make sense of the nonsense that I've called my life

CHORUS                  D                              A

Cause only this river can bare me to safety
                     Bm                   G

Only this river can bear me away
Bm G Bm G A


                           D                                                   Bm

See them all work and play there on the other bank
                           G                    A                 D

Warm in their houses while I face my cold alone

                                  D                                                               Bm

Guess I've been a drinking away to keep the wolves of my mind at bay
                    G           A                                  D

But if you run, you die I'm just too tired to care

                             D                                     A

Cause only this river can bare me to safety
                    Bm                             G

Only this river can bare me away

                 D                                            A

I feel her flowing, flowing right through me
                 Bm                                         G

I hear her whispers drowning my words

                    D                    Bm

only this river only this river

G                                  A                       D

 Only this river can save me from myself

                       D                                                      A

Where did my soul go? Where did my spirit hide?
                              Bm                                           G

Why won't they rescue me from the pain in my mind?


                         D                             A

Cause only this river In all of her glory
                     Bm                             G

Only this river can bare me away
                  D                     Bm                      D            Bm D Bm D

Only this river Only this river  Only this river...

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