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I find composing memories, to be relaxing;
and if able to do without many interruptions,
I find quite like meditation .....
We have winterized the garden,
readied the beds and planted garlic. 
we planted the usual Early Red Italian,
which is my absolute favorite variety,
as it has that deep,
rich, earthy aroma of a well aged salami!!
turning the soil~one shovel at a time
  my garlic planting stick!!
gotta plant em perfectly!!
This year we are spreading out and Gregg
chose the Spanish Roja, and by the looks and
smell of these little cloves, they are gonna be
transformed into incredible heads of garlic!!
For my birthday, Gregg made me
Tagatelli with a Yellow Fin Tuna Ragu!!
 We splurged and thawed some of the Tuna that
Gregg caught while fishing in Cabo in October.
takes two to turn out the pasta
It was beyond divine, there is nothing
....... NOTHING .......
 like fresh homemade pasta, so tender and silky and
just absorbs the ragu, mmmm!!
Later in November, my nephew Daniel came for
a visit.  He is an aspiring writer and poet.  He was
such a joy to have, and we were lucky
he stayed with us for as long as he did.
He was a great help around the yard and it was cool
to see the cousins bond and get to know each other.
One Friday during his stay, I was upstairs doing my
indoor chores and Gregg and Daniel were in the office;
Gregg working away and Daniel writing away.
I look at the temp outside and it was 70*!!
Considering it had been in the 40's all week,
this was indeed a welcome splash of Spring!!!
So I decided it was time to try out the 'real deal' kites that we gave
the kids last year for Christmas!  So I walked down the stairs,
told the boys to back away from the computers,
as we are going to hike past the chicken coop
and go Fly a Kite!!!   Ha, no arguments!!
The air was quite warm and the breeze perfect for flying a kite!
The view was incredible with the mountains
and the ominous clouds looking like they just wanted to burst,
proved to be a beautiful backdrop for a very colorful kite!!!
We shared an amazing afternoon together,
doing something so unexpected!!
I like this shot because it was so overcast for so long, and then
all of a sudden, the sun peeked out and literally lit this kite up
and it looked so bright!
we estimated the height of the kite to be 500' - as we were at
the end of our string that was 500' long. 
and over the course of its flight, the wind would die down and
we had to keep the tension on the kite so we began to pull it in
fast so the kite would not crash
enjoying more grilled Yellow Fin Tuna
perrrrrrfect ...
Due to the shorter days and cooler weather,
our chickens have started to lay less and less.
We have not had an egg from our Italian breed of Dorkings
for some time now.  The Austrolorps (well known for laying
364 eggs a year) have slowed down, to about 3-5 eggs a day, total.
A couple of months ago, we were giving so many away and
had an endless supply of egg salad and had on hand,
 at any given time, 6-8 dozen eggs were on hand. 
Not the story now, and once again,
the luxury of a fresh egg is upon us ............
Gregg fried my egg Sunday morning .......
it was the perfect (for me) fried egg
the whites had just a bit of crispiness on its edges
the yolk was egg-zactly how I love them:
    the outer yolk semi cooked as to
appear to be a soft cream and 
 the rest of the yolk, a Golden Nectar
and just a bit of parmesan and sea salt to compliment
the incredible flavor of a fresh farm egg!
til next time folks!
Thanks for letting me share!!
Peace ~ Love ~ M*O*F*R*O

"In a heartbeat, all worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, all worlds collide
  ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
In a heartbeat, worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, worlds collide"
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