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Honorary Alumni Blackwater U
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Seems to be close:

The little 3-chord run at the start is
Cmin7, Eb, F.

**it could be just Cmin, not Cm7 - I get stuck on those minor 7s with rhythms and progressions like this and it becomes what seems right to me. Pick fer yerself, go with what feels good.

Here's how I see the rest of it:

                   Cmin7               /
Some people say that I don't play

                          /                                /
They say I got a temper when I'm in that way,

                   /                           /                      G                
But I don't know who that person is that acts like a fool.

                          Cm7                   Eb
That's somebody else lord staring at me,

                       F                  Ab
I guess I'm my own worse enemy

            Cm7                         G                         Cm7     (G)
I don't know who I am when I am that somebody else

For all I know, my guitar is not tuned to standard. I'm way too lazy to find my tuning harp, so maybe I'm off by a half step or two or 7. But The progression seems to be about right, so you can transpose as needed if I'm starting from the wrong point.

*edit: I tried to line those little hashy slashy marks to the spots where the upstroke falls, but it changed the placement when it posts. So all of the chord names and slashes should be stretched over to the right a smidge. You'll see what I mean when you try to play it. Sorry about that-

Your big world can wait another day.
Delerious Tyme

Moderator, Honorary Alumni/AssocProfessor Blackwater U
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Hey tox, I was messing around with the chords for Somebody Else as well and came up with the same as you did.  You have it right on there from what I can see.  I haven't tried it with the Cm7, just Cm, but will mess around with it when I get the chance and let you know what I figure out.  Thanks for posting!
He tells a story, of all the glory
He leads a way, he leads me on
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There's no reason why, 'cause Heaven knows

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"Two kinds of people in this world:  Those that love Greyhounds and those that lie."
-Sir Art Edmaiston of Troy, TN
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