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It has been forever and a day since I posted a review on Our Front Porch.  But here it goes....

It is not just about the music......there is SO much more to a M*O*F*R*O experience. The anticipation, being able to bring them some comforts of home cooking to the meeting up with friends and making new ones, being lucky enough to thank Our Boys for what they bring to a show, to being able to relive the show the day after!  For me it is like a 3 day event.  So be forewarned, this will be a long read, I apologize in advance.

Day 1) I took Thursday off to begin making my BBQ spread for them.  I prepared my beans and the tater salad mid day.  I wanted to have the butts on by 8pm, so they were brought out of the fridge at 4 or so to get to room temp.  I still had to make my injection, but was lucky enough to have a batch of our Zachary's Whirlwind Rub on hand.  Injected first, then an hour later, rubbed.  Gregg cut some of our aged apple and cherry wood for added smoky flavor.  By midnight, I had the bullet holding at 225* for a slow smoke.  Nightie Night.

Day 2)  woke by 8am, had the windows open and the sweet aroma of pork fill our loft. Headed outside to check on the butts, and savor the pork candy!! (the sweet crunchy pieces) Needed to add a fresh batch of oak lump charcoal, added some water to the water pan and headed out on a cool morning Fog Jog.  Upon my return, I began preparations for my Nanner Puddn'.  Before I knew it, it was noon.  The butts were done, so I wrapped loosely in foil and put them down for a nap in the cooler for a few hours.  Time to clean the grills and do some clean up.  3pm - preheated the oven to bake my beans and begin to pull and dress the pork.  Now I am hear to tell you that the bestest time to sample smoked pork butts is as you are a 3:30 Gregg asked me to turn on the hose that goes to the chicken coop so he could clean their watering system.  As I stood there attaching the hose, I felt what seemed like a sharp pin prick in my thigh and I chalked it up to getting some bug bite, and suddenly I was stung 2, 3, 4 , FIVE times and in an instant I knew I was in a swarm of yellow I ran on the porch and into the house freaking out.  The sting on my forehead was down right painful!  I have never been stung by yellow jackets and didn't want today to be the day to find out if I was allergic, besides, I had no time to go into anaphylactic shock right now as I had to finish the pork, start packing and still needed to hop in the shower.  So I slapped a tincture of water and baking soda and applied it to my forehead, shoulder and 3 places on my legs and forged on.  Soon the pain began to subside, except for the sting on my forehead, it still felt like someone was stabbing me in the forehead.

If you have made it this far, bless you.  And now on to the show. Never been to the Oskar Blues Ranch, and loved the layout.  Upon our arrival, we were going to have to locate the bus to deliver the goods.  When we spoke to the parking guy, we let him know that we needed to drop off our vittles to the band and he pointed us in the right direction and we were able to park near the bus and didn't have far to walk.  As Gregg and I approached "the gate", we walked up to the security guy, and we were told that we needed "clearance" or "access" to go further.  The bus was literally 15 feet in front of us.  So I kindly asked if they could knock on the door and let them know we were there to deliver.  Zachary came out and waved us on.  Gregg and I were invited inside and offered a cold beverage.  I was lucky enough to meet Zach, Eric and Craig for the first time and welcomed them to the band, well, I welcomed Craig back to the band.  You see, I have yet to see the new line up as it a has been over a year since I took in a show.  Marcus was on the bus as well and we had a great time chit chatting about gardening and making hot sauces, such a nice guy.  As to not over stay our welcome, (besides Eva and Joey were waiting for us), we thanked Marcus, Chris and Craig for the ice cold Stella and wonderful hospitality and repeated that if they are ever passing by exit 24 off of I-40 to gives us a heads up and we will return the hospitality.  (one day I swear it will happen).  As we were exiting, Marcus again thanked us for the food and I replied, "Just put on one hell of a show, and we can call it even." 

Lets just say, we are now even. 

Started out with Your Lady followed by Night to Remember.  And for me, the show really began when the first few notes of song three began, Every Minute, my mantra song!  It was almost magical when the very next song was Fireflies and there were fireflies all around.  Then JJ pulled up a chair and had the lap steel (I think that is the musical term, lol) I knew something incredible was about to happen, just didn't know what.  So I decided to capture the video.  I have never seen this song performed live.  It is off of their second album, it is also Elizabeth's favorite song.  Gal Youngin, the story about JJ's Granny as a young girl, did not disappoint and I was so taken by the performance!  Next, and I hope someone recorded this one as I loved the intro into Seminole Wind.  JJ's voice was so on tonight in every song he sang.  He commented to us after the show that the humidity is great for vocals (who knew).  The intro for Hide and Seek was phenomenal!  In my opinion, every song was played at 110% and This River was especially moving.  Aaron was a sweetheart and handed me a setlist and got Allison and I back stage to thank Our Boys. We were able to hang with Craig and Marcus, Dennis and Todd for a bit. It was so good to see Todd and Dennis and give them a big ole hug, I miss those boys.  I never have my hopes up to see JJ after a show, and I know sometimes he like to do his own thing.  Marcus walked Allison and I over to say hello to JJ and that was sweet of him.  Soon Eva, Joey and Gregg found us back stage.  We didn't hang too much longer. I was able to get all but Zachary and Eric to sign my setlist.  Thank you Allison for sharing the show with me, you too Taylor!  I had such a grand time, no words....... Got home around midnight and still reeling from the show, Gregg made some snacks (as neither of us had dinner, lol) poured myself a glass of a good red blend and headed to the loft.  Punched the pillows about 2:30.

Day 3)  LOVE the MOFRO after the show high!!  Made a pot of joe and Gregg and I relived the show.  I was Front Right for the whole show and Gregg, Eva and Joey hung back in lawn chairs.  Gregg did inform me that when Gal Youngin' began, he uprooted and headed up front for the rest of the show.  Would have been nice to see him up there [263a].  Soon I headed to the pool to float and, yes, relive more magical moments from last night, which ironically developed into this long drawn out review. I realized that I did not take a single picture (and for those of you that know me, that is quite unusual), but sometimes it is just as rewarding to live in the moment as to capture the moment. Thank you for reading.  Til next time.

Peace Love & M*O*F*R*O

☼ Sunshine ☼

"In a heartbeat, all worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, all worlds collide
  ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
In a heartbeat, worlds are born
 In a heartbeat, worlds collide"

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Thanks for the awesome post. I would love to learn to BBQ from you! 😉
It's the little things, and not expectations, that make life worth living.
~JJ Grey
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