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I started my solo trip from SLC to Portland, Oregon on a flight first thing Tuesday morning. Then I rented a little car and drove two hours to Eugene. I stayed with my man and we went to the show at the McDonald theater the following night.
We got there a little late and just as we got our drinks and sat down for a smoke. The entire crowd comes out for one too. The opening band was done and the real load-in was about to begin. I graciously gave up my seat outside for prime real estate inside. Front and center!
I realize I am quite lucky to have seen this band so up close and personal in such intimate venues through the years. I sing along to every word, I dance the entire time and really try to enjoy every moment.
I like to periodically glance back to enjoy the faces of the rest of the crowd. They almost look like they are being made love to. Does that make sense? Anyway
JJ started the night with 99 shades and I can’t help but think it was just for me. I sing along just like I do when I kill it at karaoke. He told more stories about his past that I haven’t heard, he channeled his inner James Brown with a little foot dance and threw down for the night.

I always get lots of pics and video clips but for some reason I thought this was one to share. What you see here is an artist admiring his own work. Maybe even critiquing a bit? Contemplating his next show, his next line, or maybe even a new song? Nah, if you know my JJ like I do. He really tries to stay in the moment. Just letting his boys shine and stepping back a bit to rest. A humble man by nature.
So Friday I jump back into my little rental and start the drive back to Portland. Yes, by myself. BB King and Eric Clapton in the CD player. “Riding with the king!” The blues...but a different shade. Not sad, just comforting.
Oregon is so beautiful under its fresh rain, over mossy bridges and through the trees and mist. I check into my Hotel which looks like something out of a Hitchcock movie. Ever been to the Hollywood Tower of Terror? The elevator has that same feel. I get cleaned up and head down to the restaurant for a nice dinner. I went out for a smoke and there I run into Richard. A gracious fellow who let me horn in on his date for the night. Shaari was awesome! We clicked immediately. Another virgin to be baptized with the swamp soul funk of Blackwater. JJ brought it up more than just three notches, it was insane! Strolling out in the dark haze, his halo shinning bright and harmonica blaring. The roar of the crowd is piercing to the ear. You could feel a vintage, floating dance floor under foot resonating with vibration. I sang my heart out again, danced through the whole thing, again and of coarse had a great time making new friends. I get a lot of comments from the crowd by my over excitement. “I thought I was a big fan, but you girl take the cake”, I’ve been told I was “On Fire” and last night I was told I had a “beautiful singing voice”.
JJ once again mentions how he tries not to get caught up in all of it, but appreciate what is the NOW and finding the beauty. Well, I found the beauty in him last night. It made me tear up. I realize now that he plays FOR his crowd. Tweaking every performance for the vibe of the room. Maybe because he is so grounded he can pick up on what we want to see and hear? The bigger the crowd, the bigger the performance. I’ve referenced this man as “The King” and my “Dear Mr. Fantasy” and I’m not as to go far as to call him a God. But he defiantly is celestial. I’d like to call him an Angel. An angel that has been there for ME for over a decade. Perfectly placed in front of ornate holy-like murals all around him. The back drop was painted a blue sky with fluffy white clouds. Yes, this is my heaven.
So when I am to be takin from this earth and placed in my heaven please play Mofro at my funeral so everyone there can know where I’m at. Thank you boys.
Beautiful set.
Both nights.

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